October 21, 2021

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    M C ROUT

    Dear Hon’ble Mayor Mr. A N Jenajee,

    Congrats for your 2nd term. My words knew no bounds to welcome you as well as BJD all corporators. An cheerful tear is coming in my both of eyes, which speaks about a honorary mandate in Bhubaneswar. One request to you and your team. Pl. wash out the ‘land mafias’ from BMC, those who are exploiting the innocent and harashing in all aspects. Some places they are demanding a huge amount of money to allow the real land owner to get in their land. Some where the ‘mafias’ made some entry gate and not allowing the people to construct their own house, some places they have blockade the roads etc. If in your 2nd term you will start initiative today and right now then people of BMC will take a breath peacefully


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