March 06, 2021

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Bhagabati Temple of Subarnapur

Bhagabati Temple of Subarnapur

Bagabati Temple of SubarnapurThe mother Goddess in form of Bhagabati is worshipped here in Bhagabati Temple. This temple is situated at a little distance from Rameswar temple. The Goddess is the presiding deity of the people of Subarnapur and is believed to be their protector from all evils. An icon of the Goddess facing towards west is found in the temple. The Bhagabati temple is said to be built up by the Chauhans.

How to Reach the Bagabati Temple of Subarnapur

One can reach Subarnapur either by bus or train. From Subarnapur one can visit Bhagabati Temple by bus or taxi.

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