September 16, 2021

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    Dr.Pravat Kumar Jena

    Actually Mahapurusha Hadi Das’S (1772-75 AD TO 1835 AD) SAMADHI,on which Lord Balabhadra’s idol with full legs and hands has been constructed,situated near the Bata (banyan tree)in Chhatia,is the main temple of Chhatia Bata, which is also known as “ANANTA GOPALA MANDIRA” & “Bada Deula” among local people and deevotees of Hadi Das. Ref.Book-Odisara Dharma o Sahitya Ku Hadi Dsa nka Dana.By-Dr. Ratnakara Sahoo.

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    prakash panda

    I love jaganath mahaprabhu


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