City Bus Routes of Cuttack

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Here you can get the City Bus Routes of Cuttack and get the bus Number with the places which the bus covers, so that it will easier to know about the city bus service in Cuttack and you can catch the right bus without any help. If this article helps you then just like us on Facebook to join our Facebook Fan Club.

Sl. No. Bus No Route from Via (Route) To (Destination Place)
1 2 3 4s 5
1 OR-05-G-1672 Station OMP, Link Road, Kacheri, Eye Hospital, CDA Market, Biju Pattnaik Naraj
2 OR-05-G-1672 Naraj B.P. Park, J. P.. Park, Satichoura, Chandichhak, Buxibazar Station
3 OR-05-G-1672 Station Mangalabag, Buxibazar, Chandichhak, Satichoura, IP. Park, B.P. Park Naraj
4 OR-05-G-1672 Naraj B.P. Park, J.P. Park, Satichoura, Kacheri, Badambadi, Link Road., OMP Station
5 OR-05-G-1672 Station OMP, Link Road, Badambadi, .Kacheri, Iye I Iospital, CDA Market, B.P. Park Naraj
6 OR-05-G-1672 Naraj .B.P Park, Satichoura, Chandichhak, Buxi Bazar Mangalabag, Ranihat Station
7 OR-05-G-1672 Station
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