October 18, 2021

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    Ratnakar Nb

    Reliance footprint….Funniest Diwali 2012 offer I ever seen…..I bought a shoe worth Rs.2699/- in Mangalore…they gave me a discount coupon worth Rs. 500/- with a condition that I have to purchase again footwear worth Rs. 2499/- from same footprint then I will get discount on this coupon, that is also valid only for 10 days from Nov. 16/-….I feel this is just to fool the customers and not a genuine offer…..As you all know we go to footwear shop once in 6 months or a year…who will buy again for the sake of 500/-……My request is either you do not give this type of offer…or…give a offer which will be helpful to the customers…I really feel pity on this management who designed it…which is not at all fit for a company…the top most RELIANCE GROUP…..Hope this will be sent to the Chairman.


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