Download 10th Class Books by BSE Odisha 2013

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Do you searching to download the online matric or class – X books prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) Odisha. Then you come to the right place. HeBSE Logore you can download all the 10th class books of Orissa Board. Just Click on the below subjects to Download the PDF file of the books and then you can print them to get the hard copy of the books. If this article helped you then kindly Like us on Facebook.

MIL (Odia)
History & Political Science

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  1. Siba Sankar Sahani

    it’s a good attempt by the Board.

  2. its a nice idea…you should have done this before…man upgrade yourself and use technology..along with this you must provide hard copy of all books to students…think…this is Odisha not USA.


  4. It is a good attempt by the board

  5. Where is Political Science in History & Political Science book.I have download this book it shows only 144 pages…..


    i want the books.

  7. Dhanyabad.

  8. How can I download 9th history book in pdf format

  9. very very nice attempt….keep it up

  10. I can’t download the books…pls help me…

  11. It is a good attempt by the board

  12. Tell me pls…How can i download 12th class math?

  13. sibanarayan purohit ,sindhekela

    It is a noteworthy step by the board to help the students to make them aware of digital india. thanks,

  14. Dhyanaranjan Behera

    Book ra all part not responding

  15. Hi
    I’m so happy….

    Ur Doing very good job…

    because we can collect and read our books in online so we can save Paper..

    Because we can read this books ( PDF file) on Smart phone, Tab, laptop, computer any time any where.

    if i have any mistake please forgive me.

    thank you! thank you! thank you!
    so much…..

  16. Good work by odisha board. If the board will publish the explanation material of these books then the pupils and teachers will be benefit much

  17. Very nice episode

  18. i want book by this mail

  19. Thank aredhendu who ever

  20. Thank aredhendu who ever
    ବହୁତ ବହୁତ ଧନ୍ୟ ବାଦ। god bless u

  21. It is a nice step by government.

  22. It is a nice step by government.where students are very enjoying to read by net.

  23. thanks,
    bse orisa to publice all the book as pdf which help we read at anywhere.
    if the solution of math will publiced so we will better saved by you….

  24. Goooooood ….can u plz load math answer solved paper….

  25. It will be so useful if you provide 10th class english book question and answer

  26. Kindly upload all books of both 9th and 10th class…

  27. Download hauni

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