Durga Puja 2013 Offer by Reliance Trends

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Reliance Trends LogoIn this Durga Puja or Dusshera 2013, Reliance is providing amazing gifts and accessories on purchase of various cloth items from its store. If you are thinking to make this festival season colourful with your latest design clothes, then rush today your nearest Reliance Trends cloth store and grab this opportunity.

  • In this Durga Puja, purchase items worth Rs. 2499 and get Luminark 6 pieces glass set worth Rs. 540 for free.
  • Purchase items worth Rs. 4999 and get 2 nos Cello Thermowear Caseroller worth Rs. 875 for free.

Reliance Trends Durga Puja OfferFor more offers and competition just meet in facebook in www.facebook.com/reliancetrends and click Like. Get 5% cash back on SBI Card payments for more than Rs. 2500. Cash back is available from 13th September 2013 to 13th October 2013. Terms and conditions applied.

Reliance Trends Stores in Odisha

  • In Bhubaneswar:– Reliance Trends, Janpath Road, Opposite IDDCO Tower, Sahid Nagar, Phone:- 0674- 6055000
  • In Cuttack:– Reliance Trends, Magistrate Plaza, Dolamundai Chhak, Phone- 0671- 6055000

Stores opened all the days from 11.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M. This offer is valid till stocks last. This offer is valid specified items. 2 Bills cannot be bundled or separated. For more details contact Reliance Trends.

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