Famous Picnic Spots in Angul District of Odisha

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Get the information about the best Picnic Spots or most popular tourist spots in Angul District of Odisha. If you want to know the List of Famous Picnic Spots in Angul District of Odisha then see the below tourist spot link to know about the Famous Picnic Spots in Angul District of Odisha.

About Angul District

Angul is a newly created district since 1st April 1993 after reorganization of the districts of Odisha (Formerly Orissa). Clothed with lush green forests, the district is rich in varieties of wildlife. The River Mahanadi passes through this district forming a 22-km long narrow gorge, one of the mightiest gorges in India. Popularly known as ‘Satkosia’, it is an ideal habitat for varieties of crocodiles. The phenomenon of boulders in Talcher area is unique in India and has puzzled the geologists for centuries.Recently, it has come to limelight with the establishment of National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), the largest in Asia. As an important road junction, Angul serves the ideal base for visiting the places of interest in its neighborhood.At present the location advantage and abundant stock of manpower and raw materials play an important role in the industrial development of the district.


Tourist Spots in Angul


On the junction of National Highway 23 and National Highway 42, Banarpal, only 10-km from Angul is a convenient base for highway tourists. A wayside amenity center, ‘Panthika’ of State Tourism Department is nearing completion to provide accommodation and other ancillary facilities to the tourists.


BhimkhandIt is a small village about 30-km north of Talcher town and 50-km from Angul on the Right Bank of the river Brahmani. There on huge sand rock one could find a massive image of Vishnu in sleeping posture. In spite of hugeness, the image contains a natural softness in execution. The period of its execution is believed to be 8th – 9th Century AD This sleeping image of Vishnu at Bhimakand is second only to Gomateswar (Karnatak) in size, but it has the honour of being the largest sleeping image in India.  Know More >>>

Goddess Binikei Pitha

A Pitha of Goddess Binikei is another spot of Tourist attraction in the sub division of Athamallik. The place is located on the bank of the river Mahanadi and is 25 Km from Athamallik. The spot is gateway to the famous Satkosia gorge in the river Mahanadi. At the bank of the Temple stand the towering Panchadhara hills like a crown on the heads of the deity. Every year Binikei Jatra is observed on the 10th day after the Dolapurnima, in the Lunar month of Chaitra. A great fair is also organized for 3 days with much pomp and ceremony. Know More >>>

Deulajhari Temple

deuljhariThis Temple is situated amidst a bowl of green near Athamallik, Deulajhari is famous for the presence of a hot spring. The hot spring seems to flow from the bottom (pedestal) of a ‘Shiva Lingam’. The water is naturally channelised to 36 ponds on the outskirts of the Shiva Temple. Believed to contain medicinal properties, a bath in the spring has religious importance too. Know More >>>

Lovi Thakurani Temple

Lovi Thakurani yatra, the annual ceremonial function of Goddess Lovi, is observed every year on Kartik Purnima day. Garh Santry, seventeen kilometers away from the district headquarters town Angul, is the village abode of the presiding deity Lovi.The deity stands out from other idols of Hindu faith and belief because of Her peculiar name that is Lovi, which denotes greediness. Know More >>>

Goddess Hingula

The holy place (peetha) of the Goddess Hingula is situated on the bank of the river Simhada in the West of erstwhile Talcher Estate (Now in the District of Angul). In Assam, there is a place of pilgrimage named Jwalamukhi where a similar goddess Hingula or Hingulei or Hingulaksi is being worshipped. It is for this reason that the presiding deity of Talcher in village Gopal Prasad who bears the form of fire is named Goddess Hingula. Know More >>>

Budhi Thakurani

budhi thakuraniThe temple of Budhi Thakurani is situated in one side Sunasagad hill which is in the middle place of the Angul town. The Bigraha of the Goddess is made in Black Granite stone and looks like a pillar. It is the symbol of Budha Budhi worship system of tribal culture. This type of customs also seen in the village of Ogi, Para and Bagedia villages where Budha Thakur is worshipped and Purnakot, Jerang villages where Budhi Thakurani is worshipped in this district. Know More >>>


Talcher on the right bank of Brahmani, the capital of the east while, Talcher State is one of the fastest growing industrial and mining complexes of the country. The coal based Thermal power plant at Talcher, Heavy water plant of Atomic energy commission at Vikrampur, 7 numbers of underground mines & 3 numbers of open cast mines located in and around Talcher have greatly enhanced the importance of this place. Know More >>>

Kosala Village

kosalaKosala village is situated at a distance of 28 Kms, on Angul- Bagedia road. The village is known for its shrine dedicated to Goddess Ramchandi. She is believed to be possessed of great powers. It is believed that by worshipping Goddess Ramchandi sterile women will obtain children. On the foundation of the old temple one magnificent temple was constructed. A Yatra is held here on the second day of Krushna Pakshya Bhadra. Know More >>>


River Brahmani shelters a dam and reservoir with a Hydroelectric Project at Rengali amidst picturesque environs. Situated 85-km from Angul, it is a nice place for group picnic.


40-km from Angul and 20-km from Talchar, Samal has carved out a niche for itself in the grand hall of Odisha (Formerly Orissa) tourism for the establishment of a Hydroelectric Project. The panoramic view with deep solitude is a panacea to the group picnickers.

Khuludi Village

It is in the Malyagiri Mountain range of Pallahara Sub division houses a glittering waterfall near the village Khuludi. The fall making its spectacular jump from the hilltop and paying homage to Lord Shiva is located at a distance of 120 Kms from Angul and 20 Kms from Pallahara. It is ideal site for group picnic and relaxation. Sun set and sun rise is breath taking here. The tourist can enjoy the eternal beauty of nature. It is an ideal destination for group picnic. Know More >>>

Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary

It is about 60 kilometers from the district headquarter and about 200 kilometers from Bhubaneswar. Regular bus services are available from Angul to Tikarapada, via Badakera and Jaganathpur. Besides one can take a taxi service from Angul to Tikarapada, via village Ogi, Tainsi, and Jaganathpur and probably this is a comfortable route. This is probably the most important wildlife tourist attraction of the district. Know More >>>

Derjang irrigation project

The Derjang irrigation project, a reservoir scheme and the first medium irrigation project after Indias independence was started in the year 1960 and completed during the year 1977-78. This project was constructed across river Ningara and Matalia near village Majhikia in Angul block. The project has been providing irrigation water to an area of 7922 Hac. in khariff and 200 Hac. in Rabi. This place is a good picnic sport. It is only 7 kms from Angul town. It is an ideal site group picnic and relaxation. Know More >>>

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