Here you will get all the information about the best Picnic Spots or most popular tourist spots in Bargarh District of Odisha. If you want to know the List of Famous Picnic Spots in Bargarh District of Odisha then see the below tourist spot link to know about the Famous Picnic Spots in Bargarh District of Odisha.

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple is situated at a distance of 36km from Baragarh at the foot of Bara hill. This temple was built by Sri Dakhsin Ray, who was the dewan of Ajit Singh; the king of Sambalpur between 1695 to 1765. It is oneof the AstaSambhu temples. Behind this temple there exist the remains of Kedarnath fort.

Nrusinghanath Temple

Nrusinghanath temple is the most famous temple of Baragarh district. It is situated at a distance of 110 km from Baragarh. This temple was built by Sri Baijal Dev Bikari, the king of Patna garh during fourteenth century on 1313 A.D. This temple is famous for its statues carved on its outer walls. It is only 45 feet in height,divided into two parts: the first being the seat of the Lord Nrusinghnath, the second alloted to Jagamohan.


The main perennial flow of Gandhamardan is PAPAHARINI, literally meaning, The Destroyer of Sins. Flowing out of the confluence of seven fountains, called SAPTADHAR – it has an average width of 12 ft. Running about 25 Kms, it has touched the Ang Tributary and finally embraced Mahanadi.

Astasambhu Temple

Asta Sambhu temple is the large temple of Siva Temple in Bargarh, which was built during the Chauhan rule of undivided Sambalpur. The most important among them were those of the Asta-Sambhu or 8 Shiva Temples. Though all the 8 temples are small in height, but there is great artistic beauty and each of these present excellent picturesque background. The List of the 8 Shiva Temples are –

  • Bimaleswar Temple at Huma (Sambalpur)
  • Kedarnath Temple at Ambabhona (Bargarh)
  • Baidyanath Temple at Deogaon (Bargarh)
  • Balunkeswar Temple at Gaisama (Bargarh)
  • Mandhata Baba Temple at Maneswar (Sambalpur)
  • Swapneswar Temple at Sorna (Bargarh)
  • Visweswar Temple at Soranda (Bargarh)
  • Nilakantheswar Temple at Nilji (Bargarh)

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The Debrigarh Hill range is known for a wild life sanctuary. Most of the wild animals found in the state are also found here with exception to elephants, wild buffaloes and black bucks.

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