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How to Make Tomato Soup at Home

Tomato Soup is one of a healthy soup and also tasty. If you want to make Tomato soup at your home then see the below step by step guide to know How to Make Tomato Soup at Home. Ingredients Required for Tomato Soup 4 medium to large tomatoes 2-3 garlic cloves 1 small onion 1 […]

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Aloo Potala Rasa – Odia Food

Do you want to know how to make the Aloo Potala Rasa. Then follow the bellow instruction to know how to make Aloo Potala Rasa in step by step. Ingredients Required for Aloo Potala Rasa Parwal- 500 gm Potato- 150 gm Shredded coconut -10 tablespoon Poppy seeds(khus khus)- 5 teaspoon Dry chilies- 1or 2( as per taste) Cumin […]

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How to Make Fruit Custard

Fruit Custard is one of the sweet dish which can be prepared in very less time and very easy to make. Here you can get the detailed information about “How to make Fruit Custard“. Just follow the below instructions to know How to make Fruit Custard. It is also one of the easiest dessert and […]

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How to make Banana Burfi – Kadali Burfi

Banana Burfi Recipe

Banana Burfi is one of the sweet recipe which is very easy to prepare and also very easy to make or cook. Here you can get the step by step preparation of the “Banana Burfi” Recipe which is also called “Kadali Burfi” in regional language in Odisha. Ok, see below to know the ingredients required […]

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How to Make Vegetable Mixture Recipe (Pariba Ghanta)

Have you ever tried the Vegetable Mixture Recipe or which is commonly known as the “Pariba Ghanta” in our odia language or our regional language. This is one of the best veg recipe of Odisha. Read the full details to know how to make Vegetable Mixture Recipe (Pariba Ghanta). Ingredients : Vegetable Mixture Recipe (Pariba […]

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