Forfeiting of Seashore wealth started in Odisha

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SeashoreThe Crime Branch department in Odisha, has recommended the Revenue department to forfeit all the wealth of Seashore to distribute among the investors. The authority of the revenue department of Odisha has announced that after proper checking of Crime branch recommendation, all the wealth of Seashore will be forfeited and distributed among the investors.

The additional collector will be act as the concerned authority to forfeit the wealth. Crime branch Seashore MDdepartment of Odisha has started the process of forfeiting the assets of Seashore and its subsidiary companies. On 11.11.2013, the CBI has handed over the asset file to the revenue department.

In this list, the following companies or organizations has included. Such as :- S TV Samachar, Shoubhagya Drinks, Seashore Diary Products and other 6 nos of companies. All the items available in these companies including machines, fittings, furniture and accessories will be forfeited.

Seashore Money ScamAccording to the CBI, totally 9 companies of Seashore was seized. Besides these 7 nos of Buildings, 203 acres area in 17 nos of places, 1.385 kgs Gold, 200 kgs of Silver, 1 BMW Car, 1 Mercidiz car, 2 other four wheelers, 1 large Generator and 2 crores of bank balance were seized. CBI also seized 3 crores of security deposit made by Seashore in IDCO for one Solar plant and one processing plant.

According to the CBI, now totally 37 nos of different cases were lodged on Seashore and all these forfeiting process will be carried over between 6 months- 1 year.

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