General Knowledge Questions for Postal Assistant Exam

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Get the important and most oriented General Knowledge Questions for Postal Assistant Exam here in New Odisha. See below to get all the latest and best GK Questions for Postal Assistant Exam of India Post.

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1. What is the Full form of PIN?
Answer. Postal Index Number

2. When did the Pin system Started in India?
Answer. 1972

3. Which is the first Indian post office outside Indian Territory?
Answer. Post office at Dakshin Gangotri in Antarctica (1983)

4. When did the speed post service started in India?
Answer. 1986

5. Which Governor General found Telegraph and Postal systems?
Answer. Lord Dalhousie

6. When did the first General Post Office opened in India?
Answer. 1774 (Kolkata)

7. Which is the first postage stamp of India?
Answer. Sinde Dawk (1852)

8. World Postal Day is observed in:
Answer. October 9

9. Indian Postal Day is observed in:
Answer. October 10

10. Where is the highest post office in the world situated?
Answer. Hikkim (Himachal Pradesh)

11. When did Universal Postal Union founded?
Answer. 1874

12. In which year Money Order system introduced in India?
Answer. 1880

13. In which year Postal Life Insurance started in India?
Answer. 1884

14. Where is postal staff college situated?
Answer. Ghaziabad (UP)

15. Who was the first Minister of Communication of India?
Answer. C.R.K Kidwai

16. Who is the author of Meghdootam?
Answer. Kalidasa

17. How many electrons does hydrogen have?
Answer. One

18. What is the international standard unit for measurement of Temperature?
Answer. Kelvin

19. What is the currency of Bangladesh?
Answer. Taka

20. Amartya Sen was awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution in:
Answer. Economics

Newly Added Questions

1) Which Indian State other than Kerala has hornbill as the official bird?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh
2) Which was exempted from the list of Fundamental rights in 1978?
Answer: Right to Property
3) Which country’s tourism tagline is ‘The Wonder of Asia’?
Ans. Sri Lanka
4) Which country’s National animal is Zebra?
Ans. Botswana
5) Who was handling the portfolio of finance at the time of India’s first phase of Bank Nationalisation in 1969?
Ans. Indira Gandhi
6) Name the battle in which Alexander defeated Porus?
Ans. Battle of Hydaspes
7) Who wrote the second part of ‘Rajatharangini’?
Ans. Jonaraja
8) Year in which Acharya Vinoba Bhave founded the Bhoodan Movement?
Ans. 1951
9) In which year Right to Information Act came into force?
Ans. 2005
10) The boundary between India and China is known as:
Ans. Mc Mohan line
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