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Jobra Durga Puja Gate 2012 | Cuttack

Do you know what will be the Gate or Pandal design of Jobra Durga Puja in 2012 ? I think you might not know about this. So here i am giving a short description about what is the Gate design selected by Jobra Durga Puja Committee for the year 2012. Just see the below article […]

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Chauliaganj Durga Puja Gate Design 2012

Do you want to know about the Gate design of Chauliaganj, Cuttack in 2012 ? if not then there will be many question you have in your mind that “What will be the Dussehra Gate design of Chauliaganj Durga Puja, Cuttack ? So here i have given a brief description about the design and other […]

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Khannagar Durga Puja Gate Design in 2012

As like the past years Khannagar Durga Puja Committee is well known for its architectural works of the Durga Puja Gate or Pandals. This year in 2012 it is also going to carry its same thing. This year it is going to design a beautiful and very innovative Gate for its Puja and however many […]

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Badambadi Durga Puja Gate Design in the Year 2012, Cuttack

Badambadi Durga Puja Gate Design 2012 (Original)

As we all know Badambadi Durga Puja Gate is famous and also awarded as the best Gate or Pandals in Cuttack for its Money spending on the Gate and also in the Decoration. This year in 2012 Badambadi Durga Puja Committee has planned for such a thing and also planned for the design of the […]

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