After recovering from COVID-19, the patient has various symptoms. Hence the patient needs to be in isolation for a few days after recovery. The Coronavirus weakens the body’s immune system. So it is important to take good care of yourself. How to take care of your health after recovering from COVID-19? How and till when to stay in isolation? Is it necessary to test for COVID if symptoms reappear? Let’s find out from rheumatologist and immunologist Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Parida in Odia Language.

Watch the complete video to know more about “How to Take Care after Recovering from COVID-19 by Dr Jyoti Ranjan Parida” in Odia language. You can also get answer of the below given questions about CCOVID-19.

  • How long will COVID infected be in isolation ?
  • What are the symptoms after recovering from COVID19 ?
  • Is re-testing necessary after recovery from COVID19 ?
  • Health care after recovery from COVID19
  • Exercise after recovery from COVID19
  • How to stay in isolation after recovering from COVID19 ?


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