Kapileswar Village of Jagatsinghpur District

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Village Name : Kapileswar
Population : About 150
Area : Not Available
Language : Odia
Tahasil : Not Available
Police Station : Not Available

Address of Kapileswar with Pin & Panchayat

Panchayat : Pandua
Via : Tirtol
Dist : Jagatsinghpur
State : Odisha
Pin : 754137

About the Village Kapileswar

Kapileswar Village is one of the oldest village in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. It is situated at the left side of the Banito village. This village is a developing village. 90 percent people are educated.  It is one of the smallest village in Odisha. Peoples are living normal life.they people are very important  to time. Time is like money so they people are developed.one of the beautiful lord Shiva  temple is there. Lots of children want to play cricket and see cricket.They are  not depend others. Each year people are celeberate laxmi puja. Puja is very famous and popular in this village. Bishnu charan padhi was leading this village last 20 years now his son Adwita prasd padhiis leading village since 2007 till now.

Nearest Tourist spots or Picnic Spots or Temples in Kapileswar Village

  1. Paschimeswar Temple(1km)
  2. Kapileswar Temple (0 km)

Schools or Colleges in Kapileswar

  • Paschimeswar High School, Banilo
  • G.P High School, Gorad
  • Pandua High School
  • Saraswati  Sishu Mandir, Rahama

Nearest Hospitals

  • Gorad Hospital(1 km)

Nearest Postal Office

  • Gorad Post Office (1 km)

Nearest Bank

  • UCO Bank, Rahama (3kms)
  • SBI, Rahama (3kms)

Nearest Villages

  • Banilo
  • Gorad
  • Pandua
  • Hatikanna
  • Baisai

Photos of Kapileswar Village

Note:- Content Provided by Mr. Amitrajit Padhy of Kapileswar Village of Jagatsinghpur District
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