Konark Dance Festival 2013

Konark Dance Festival 2013

The Annual Konark Dance Festival, which is held in an Open Air Auditorium with the temple as the backdrop, showcases a magical parade of India’s classical and traditional dance forms. Eminent dancers and their troupe delight visitors in the wintry evening of early December with dramatic choreographies. It is a festival of classical dances of India performed at the backdrop of the Sun Temple, Konark.

Starting Date of Konark Dance Festival 2013 : 1st December 2013 (5 days)

Konark is best known for the majestic Sun temple which dominates the town. Situated 35 km away from Puri in the state of Orissa, the Sun temple is a World Heritage Monument and every year in December serves as a back drop to the scintillating Konark Festival, a very big and well attended event that showcases the different traditional dance forms of India. During the festival, talented dancers and their troupes descend on Konark to display their skill and mastery over age-old dance forms ranging from the classic Bharatanatyam, the graceful Odissi and Manipuri, to the expressive Kathakali and Sattriya dance styles amongst others.

Konark Dance Festival 2013

Konark Dance Festival 2013 Schedule

Day 1 (1st Dec 2013)

– Madhavi Mudgal & Group (Odissi)
– Guru Raja Radha Reddy (Kuchipudi)

Day 2 (2nd Dec 2013)

– Bharati Shivaji & Group (Mohiniattam)
– Meera Das & Group (Odissi)

Day 3 (3rd Dec 2013)

– Kasturi Pattanaik & Group (Odissi)
– Mallika Sarabhai & Group (Bharatanatyam)

Day 4 (4th Dec 2013)

– Anita Sharma & Group (Sattriya)
– Nrutyagram (Odissi)

 Day 5 (5th Dec 2013)

– Dr. Malabika Mitra & Group (Kathak)
– GKCM, Odissi Research Centre (Odissi)

A jugalbandi of painting and music will also be held daily. A Crafts Mela is also organised alongside the Konark Festival so that visitors can also be exposed to the master craftsmen of the region and on display are sculptures and other handicrafts. Dancer lovers have a treat over these five days and enjoy watching the skilful renditions of these highly trained dancers.

Venue & Passes
The venue for Konark Festival is the Sun temple, Konark, Orissa.
Entry passes can be purchased for Rs 400 (season pass for 5 days). Passes are also available on per day basis, according to gallery.

The Konark Festival is one of the biggest dance festivals held in India and is popular with tourist and dance aficionados alike. Be in Konark in December if you want to witness the rich cultural heritage of India.

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