Natia Comedy Part 40 (Gaan Pokhari) Full Video

Natia Comedy Part 40 (Gaan Pokhari) Full Video

Watch Natia Comedy Part 40 (Gaan Pokhari). Watch this beautiful funny Odia Comedy Video of Utkal Cartoon World and enjoy.

  • Natia Comedy Part 40 || Gaan Pokhari
  • Story – Nirupama Nanda
  • Director – Utkal gaurab
  • Voice over – Smrutiranjan, Ananya, Manoranjan
  • Pre-production – Shibanarayan
  • Animation – Biswajit, Arpita, Kalpana, Priyanka, Kishan, Biswaranjan
  • Background – Kalpana, Prafulla
  • Editing – Biswajit

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