India Geospatial Leadership Award in the category of the Premier Geospatial State was awarded to the State of Odisha. Odisha has been awarded for marked achievements in the field of geospatial technology in the entire country. Chief Executive, Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC) Sandeep Tripathi received the award in India Geospatial Forum 2015 held recently at Hyderabad.

Presently, Odisha is a leading state in the country in the use of geospatial technologies like remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS). The state has successfully applied these techniques in the projects like Odisha Sampad, NLRMP, JnNURM, NRDMS, NRIS and OSDI etc, aptly qualifying the State of Odisha to be India’s leading Geospatial State. It may be worth mentioning that these technologies are being applied through ORSAC in the state, the release added.

Besides, geospatial technology is being applied in sectors like forestry, water resource augmentation and management, mining, land records modernization, kendu leaf procurement and micro level planning following directives from chief secretary G C Pati. The State of Odisha has two Universities offering postgraduate education in geospatial science and technology, which has also helped internalise the capacity development.

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