Odisha Govt has made it Compulsory to wear Masks from Today


Bhubaneswar: The government of Odisha has made it compulsory to wear masks from today. It has clearly specified that one has to wear a mask if he or she intends to step out of home.

A mask does not mean only the one available in shops or pharmacies. It can be a clean handkerchief or a  2 layered piece of cloth.

The mask or cloth however has to be washed in warm saline water, dried in the sun for 5 hours before being reused. Never put the used mask anywhere without proper washing/disposal. Wash reusable mask with detergent, dry it in sunlight & use it whenever you step outside.

The masks help a lot in preventing spread of coronavirus. Since the virus particles are big in diameter and any 2 layered cloth is enough to prevent the virus from entering into the human body.

The government has however specified that, kids below 2 years and asthma patients should refrain from wearing masks as they might feel asphyxiated.


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