Odisha Premier League 2013 (OPL) Cricket Match Schedule

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Get the full Match Schedule of Odisha Premier League 2013 (OPL) Cricket Match here. Just See below to know about the Odisha Premier League 2013 (OPL) Cricket Match Schedule.

OPL 2013 Match Schedule

OPL 2013 Match Schedule

May 2Barabati vs Dhauli , Baitarani vs Subarnarekha (Barabati Stadium)
May 3Barabati vs Baitarani , Dhauli vs Subarnarekha (Barabati Stadium) & Mahanadi vs Rushikulya , Konark vs Chilika (VSS Stadium)
May 4Barabati vs Subarnareka , Dhauli vs Baitarani (Barabati Stadium) & Mahanadi vs Konark , Rushikulya vs Chilika (VSS Stadium)
May 5Baitarani vs Subarnareka , Barabati vs Dhauli (Barabati Stadium) & Mahanadi vs Chilika , Rushikulya vs Konark (VSS Stadium)
May 6Dhauli vs Subarnareka , Barabati vs Baitarani (Barabati Stadium) & Konark vs Chilika , Mahanadi vs Rushikulya (VSS Stadium)
May 7Dhauli vs Baitarani; Barabati vs Subarnareka (Barabati Stadium)& Rushikulya vs Chilika , Mahanadi vs Konark (VSS Stadium)
May 8Rushikulya vs Konark , Mahanadi vs Chilika (VSS Stadium)
May 9First Semifinal (Barabati Stadium).
May 10: Second Semifinal (Barabati Stadium).
May 12Third-place & FINAL matches (Barabati Stadium)

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