Odisha Rajya Sabha 2014 Election Results


otgerToday, 07.01.2014 was a great day in Odisha History cause in this day there were 2 municipality elections were done such as Cuttack Municipality Election & Baripada Municipality Election. In both the places, BJD has won with huge support.

But today was the election for 4 members for Rajya Sabha from Odisha. The candidates for the Rajyasabha elections 2014 from Odisha are:-

From BJD:-

  • Ananga Udaya Singh Deo
  • Kalpataru Das
  • Sarojini Hembram

From Congress:-

  • Ranjib Biswal


  • Raghunath Mohapatra- Supported by BJD

From this election, the 3 BJD candidates may won with full votes. But there will be much competition between Ranjib Biswal and Raghunath Mohapatra, cause Ranjib Biswal is supported by 27 MLAs of Congress and Raghunath Mohapatra is supported by 18 MLAs of BJD, 6 MLAs of BJP and 2 Independent MLAs.

At last the 3 BJD candidates Ananga Udaya Singh Deo, Kalpataru Das, Sarojini Hembram won and elected for the Rajyasabha and Congress candidate Ranjib Biswal won the Rajyasabha election and elected for the Rajyasabha.


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