Odisha Right to Public Services Act – How to apply for Odisha RTPS Act

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What is Odisha Right to Public Services Act?
Odisha Right to Public Services Act is an Act which aims to provide important public services to the people of Odisha within a given time frame. There is different time frame for different services ranging from 5 days to 30 days.

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How to apply for services under Odisha Right to Public Services Act

Right to Public Services ActIt should be noted that, Right to Public Services Act has already been implemented in states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. and have brought huge relief to people of these states and they are now getting government services without any delay in given time period without paying bribe or commission to middlemen.

Which services are covered under Odisha Right to Public Services Act?
Odisha has launched public service delivery system. As of now there are about 34 services covered under this Odisha Right to Public Services Act. However the number of services will be increased to 75 in coming days. For example some of the services covered under this Odisha public service act are land records, driving licences, electricity and water connections, birth and death certificates, passport and trade license, temporary registration certificate, tax clearance certificates, transfer of vehicle ownership, encumbrance certificates etc. Sectors covered in Odisha Right to Public Services are

  • commerce and transport,
  • revenue and disaster management,
  • health and family welfare,
  • finance,
  • home,
  • rural development,
  • women and child development

You can get more information about services covered under this act at the Public Offices, who are providing services under this Act. They will be displaying this information on their notice board. This act is also popularly known as Odisha RPTS act.

Once you fill the application for the service, it will go to a officer who will look into your application and you will receive an acknowledgement that your application is received. It will have the last date of the given time limit mentioned in it, before which you will get your service, for which you applied. But be sure to submit all the necessary documents, while submitting the application for any particular service, otherwise this time limit may not be maintained. Please note that the documents required for Odisha Right to Public Services Act for different services is different. The information about what documents are required for what service will be mentioned on the notice board of particular department.

How to know status of my Odisha Right to Public Services Act application?
The acknowledgement which you receive after filing an application for any service will contain your application number and the date when your application was received in the office. You can use this application number and date of application received to track the status of your Odisha Right to Public Services Act application.

What to do if my Odisha Right to Public Services Act application is rejected?
If your application for any service under Odisha Public Services Act has been rejected of that service is not provided within a given time frame, you can file an appeal. Appeal should be filed within 30 days from the date, when you receive the information that your application is rejected or when the given time limit has elapsed. Also note that there is no separate fee for filing an appeals.

How to file an appeal if I didn’t received the desired service within the given time frame as per Odisha Right to Public Services Act?
If you are not satisfied with service provided to you under Odisha Public Services Act, then you can file appeal before the Appellate Authority by providing the below information.

  • Name and address of applicant.
  • If possible name and address of Designated Officer against whom, you want to appeal.
  • If th appeal is for against non-receipt of acknowledgement of the applications, then date of application along with name and address of the Designated Officer.
  • Any other information, which you may want to provide

A penalty of maximum 5000 rupees may be imposed on Officer or staffs for not providing the service within given time frame without any sufficient or reasonable cause. A penalty of maximum Rs 250 per each day might be imposed for not providing service within given time.

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