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Sri Nrusinghanath Temple of Bargarh

Nrusinghanath Temple Odisha

Sri Nrusinghanath, the famous temple of province in India, is set at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hill in Bargarh. It is situated around164kms from Sambalpur. The Vidala-Nrusimha Temple stands amidst the abundant great thing about the picturesque Gandhamardan hills. Nrusinghanath may be a widespread and engaging pilgrim purpose. Coupled with a series of gorgeous […]

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Lovi Thakurani of Angul

Lovi Thakurani yatra, the annual ceremonial function of Goddess Lovi, is observed every year on Kartik Purnima day. Garh Santry, seventeen kilometers away from the district headquarters town Angul, is the village abode of the presiding deity Lovi.The deity stands out from other idols of Hindu faith and belief because of Her peculiar name that […]

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Goddess Hingula of Angul

The holy place (peetha) of the Goddess Hingula is situated on the bank of the river Simhada in the West of erstwhile Talcher Estate (Now in the District of Angul). In Assam, there is a place of pilgrimage named Jwalamukhi where a similar goddess Hingula or Hingulei or Hingulaksi is being worshipped. It is for […]

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Budhi Thakurani of Angul

The temple of Budhi Thakurani is situated in one side Sunasagad hill which is in the middle place of the Angul town. The Bigraha of the Goddess is made in Black Granite stone and looks like a pillar. It is the symbol of Budha Budhi worship system of tribal culture. This type of customs also […]

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Tikarapada of Angul

A small village in the bossom of nature Tikarapada is strategically situated by the side of Satakosia Gorge. The meandering Mahanadi flowing closely amidst, beautiful hills form here the mightiest gorge of India, 22 kms long. It is acclaimed as one of worlds most enchanting sports. The place is ideal for boating, angling and adventure. […]

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Talcher of Angul

Talcher on the right bank of Brahmani, the capital of the east while, Talcher State is one of the fastest growing industrial and mining complexes of the country. The coal based Thermal power plant at Talcher, Heavy water plant of Atomic energy commission at Vikrampur, 7 numbers of underground mines & 3 numbers of open […]

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