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  1. 1

    Suresh Rout

    I love your acting very much and also you I see Faltu katha and Excuse me every day.

    1. 1.1

      Kanhu charan panda

      Sir,i am a huge great fan of yours.i want to do something in ur coperation.really i need that.please dont forget me.

    2. 1.2

      Shankar Gauda

      Plese Sir Add Your Hight In your Byography.

  2. 2

    Dipak Kumar Pradhan


  3. 3


    Papu bhai.u could nt succeed in election.but mu chahein tame puni comedy dunia ku feri asa.i am a “diwana ” of u.

  4. 4


    “jay jagarnath ” .papu bhai i think you must sing odia bhajana . The song from your tone can substitute bhikari bal and nimai .so take a chance but hide your name. i think responce of public go favour of you

  5. 5

    paresh kumar barik

    kindly description your marrage

  6. 6

    jagdish behera

    the name is enough….i m d biggest fan of you.i love your acting as any charector in comic theam…u r the apropriate example 4 the youngmass of present era.

  7. 7

    subhajit Dutta

    I m intrest to comedy act with u papu bhai

  8. 8


    Papu bhai mu Tate gote comidyan nuha gote sikhya dauthiba guru hisab re bahutu bhala paae mu janini tate dekhibara sowbhagya re achhi na nahi bidya Rana khai kahuchi to Ra swo dekhila Dina tharu mu bi anya manaku kichi matra re hasei paruchi eiaara bhagidar tu eichha houchi to pada duli time nei gaan kua re pakanti kintu Manisha haha bhabe ta sabu bele data hueni bele bele data hue…………… maaa ran chakama chur full bobal……?

  9. 9

    badri mishra

    voice of odishare THAKUR nka prati tum upahasaku ye odia jati manerakhib

  10. 10

    Kishor Kumar Mishra

    pappu bhai i like u as a comic character in film.Best of luck !

  11. 11

    Indramani behera

    Hi papu bro. really u struggle very hard in ur life so god satisfy with u to be an actor in odisha fine.

    I saw alots of ur comedy shows ,through youtub its verry

    truthful with funny. what ever active in odisha by peoples u judgment properly then u speaking that in ur style what is verry interesting to listen. I m proud of u.ur like as a odisha comedy king .realy u r a example – every thing is possible by human.i love ur speak formula. really u great keep it up. thanks

  12. 12

    Pratush samal

    Sir mun aapanka saha a line re kaama karibaku chahunchi

  13. 13

    nihar ranjan panda

    your life style is inspiration to new generation

  14. 14


    I love you PAPU vai

  15. 15

    Tofan Kumar Mohanta

    Papu bhai really you are a great comedian …..
    I love you papu bhaiiii….

  16. 16

    laxmi nayak

    papu bhai can get a chance to write a script for your cinema

  17. 17

    Bikasha ranjan jena

    Hiiii papu bhai kemiti achha


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