Santosh Memorial Cricket Tournament at Aruha 2012

Aruha Athletic Association, Aruha of Dharmasala, Jajpur has organized one Friendship Cricket Tournament which is dedicated on the memories of one of the best cricket player of this Area “Late Santosh Behera”. There are 16 teams taking part in this tournament and this tournament is going to start from 29th October 2012, Monday at the Village playground of Aruha. And the main important thing is our site “New Odisha” is sponsoring this tournament. So we are feeling proud to sponsoring such friendship tournament which will grow a very good relationship among the Villages and also among the players. So New Odisha also welcomes its Readers to enjoy this tournament.

Date of Starting of Santosh Memorial Cricket Tournament 2012 : 29th October 2012

Venue of Santosh Memorial Cricket Tournament 2012 : Aruha Village Playground, Aruha, Jajpur

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