Serials and Show Timings of Zee Kalinga Odia Channel

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Zee Kalinga is a Oriya language cable television channel. It is offered by Zee News Media Corp (ZMCL). The channel is launched on 3rd Februray 2014. The channel will be available free-to-air till March after which it will be coverted into a pay TV channel. As part of its new format of Terrestrial Entertainment Network (TEN), the programming is equally divided between news and non-news shows. News will have several bulletins, chat shows and factual entertainment capsules, while non-news will have four daily soaps, two reality shows and three dubbed programs. Get TV show timings updates, episode guide, cast info and photos of ZEE Kalinga channel’s news shows, drama serials, reality and comedy shows here.

Serial – Asha Ra Akash
Cast – Lopamudra, Mihir Das
Created by – Urmi Communications
Serial – Katha Ta Etiki
Cast – Jyoti Mishra
Created by – Shri Ganesh Telefilms
Timing – 8 pm, 10 pm
Days – Monday to Friday
Serial – Abhinetri
Created by – Vidisha Kraft
Serial – Mo Jejemaa
Cast – Hara Patnaik
Created by – Herald
Comedy show – Maa Rana Michha Kahuni
Cast – Hari, Bidusmita
Created by – Asian Shopping Club
Reality Show – Mr. and Miss Kalinga
Cast – Prakruti Mishra, Harihar Dash, Sanu Rath
Created by – Prelude Novel Ventures
Animation – Vikram Betaal
It is based on Betaal Pachisi, written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal.
Mythology – Ramayan
Ramayan is a timeless classic based on Valmiki’s ancient epic and Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas. Tracing the journey of Lord Rama through the trials and tribulations of his iconic life.
Mythology – Buddha
Presenting Siddhartha’s illustrious journey of being born in the lap of luxury as a prince to his growing years to denouncing his throne and living the life of an ascetic to attaining ‘The Awakening’.
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  1. Supriya Mohanta says:

    Its grt having an odia chanel in Z netwrk…may it be a very successful 1…
    I am a graduate with physics hons but writting and anchoring is my passion and wanna work for this channel…plz give me a chance…thank u

  2. Trinath Nayak says:

    Hello sir my name is Trinath sir plz one chans my numbar is8658660698

  3. chitta ranjan das says:

    i want to know the email id of kanakahe taro, because i have sent message through whatappmessage no reply hence through the email i can send my problem to get the solution. thanks

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