Sudasha Brata Festival of Odisha

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Sudasha Brata Festival is one of the popular festival in Odisha. This Sudasha Brata Festival is a festival for the women who take the vow for the well being of their family members. This festival of Odisha is celebrated whenever there is a combination of Shukla Paksha, Thursday and Dasami.


Celebration of Sudasha Brata Festival

In this Sudasha Brata Festival of Odisha Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by giving about 10 “Manda Pithas“. In this festival a sacred thread which is of 10 layers of thread is prepared which is tied on the arms of the women till the arrival of the next Sudasha Brata Festival. On the next Sudasha Brata Festival this thread is replaced by a new one. So this festival is one of the religous festival and an important festival of the women of Odisha. Keep in touch with New Odisha to know all the festivals of Odisha.

Sudasha Brata Story Video

Sudasha Brata Book in Odia

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