Watch To Pakhare Atakichi Ei Mo Dunia Odia Album Full Hd Video Song

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91.9 Sarthak FM Exclusive Release of Song “TO PAKHARE ATAKICHI EI MO DUNIA” sung by Humane Sagar describes how a lover’s whole world is stuck up at one person, his love. Wherever he goes, his world and his home, his shelter, his heart will always be with one person.

✽ Song : To Paakhare Atakichi
✽ Solo Album : Niswasa
✽ Video Artist: Anshuman & Riyana
✽ Singer : Humane Sagar
✽ Music Director : Baidyanath Dash
✽ Music Programming : AS Kumar
✽ Lyrics : Arun Mantri
✽ Video Director : Lubun – Tubun
✽ DOP & Editing : Tubun (LT)
✽ DI: Phionix Film Lab
✽ DI Colorist : G.Raja Rajan
✽ Asst DI Colorist : Swagat Kalyan Mohapatra
✽ Recorded At: Sarthak Music Studio.
✽Voice Dubbing & Mixing By : Swapnajit Sabat At Sarthak Music Studio
✽Mastering By : Sitaram Agrawal At Sarthak Music Studio
✽Digital Publicity & Design : Binay Sutar
✽ Banner : 91.9 Sarthak FM
✽ Music Label : 91.9 Sarthak FM
✽ Producer : Sitaram Agrawalla

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