Voltas LogoIn this Summer Season, Voltas is providing you a cool and pleasant life style. Cause in this 2013 Summer, Voltas is providing you various offers on Air Conditioners, Deep Freezers, Chest Coolers, Visi Coolers, Water Coolers and Water Dispensers. If you are thinking to buy a cooling product in this summer season then you should read the complete details to get the information about latest offers and discounts on Voltas AC, Freezers and  Coolers.

Summer Offers on Voltas Air Conditioners (AC) in 2013

Spilt Air Conditioners of Voltas

  • Pride 3S- Rs. 34990
  • Prime 3S- Rs. 34990
  • Titanium 3S-1- Rs. 35490
  • Silver 5S-N- Rs. 32590
  • Silver 3S-N- Rs. 30990
  • Silver 2S- Rs. 31090
  • Platinum 2S & 2S-N- Rs. 22690
  • Gold 2S-N- Rs. 26990
  • Gold 3S-N- Rs. 31390
  • Gold 5S-N (R)- Rs. 40990
  • Gold 5S-N (S)- Rs. 40990
  • Platinum 3S-N- Rs. 36590
  • Platinum 4S/ 5S-N- Rs. 41490
  • Platinum Hot & Cold- Rs. 29890

Voltas AC

Window Air Conditioners of Voltas

  • Gold 2S & 2S-N- Rs. 16990
  • Platinum 3S & 3S-N- Rs. 22190
  • Silver 3S-N- Rs. 26790
  • Silver 2S-N- Rs. 24190
  • Silver 2S-2T- Rs. 28990
  • Platinum 2S & 2S-N- Rs. 23990
  • Platinum 5S- Rs. 29990

Cassetter Air Conditioners of Voltas

  • Venture Cassette AC- Rs. 69000

Slimeline Air Conditioners of Voltas

  • Venture Slimline AC- Rs. 57000

Summer Offers on Voltas Deep Freezers in 2013

  • Metal Top Freezer- Rs. 13990
  • Glass Top Freezer- Rs. 22990
  • Summer Offers on Voltas Chest Coolers in 2013

  • Horizontal Chest Cooler- Rs. 15389Voltas Coolers

Summer Offers on Voltas Visi Coolers in 2013

  • Visi Cooler- Rs. 13990

Summer Offers on Voltas Water Coolers in 2013

  • Partial Stainless Steel Water Cooler- Rs. 17990
  • Full Stainless Steel Water Cooler- Rs. 20190

Summer Offers on Voltas Water Dispensers in 2013

  • Mini Magic Super R- Rs. 11290
  • Mini Magic Super TT- Rs. 8890

If you are planning to buy any of the above item, then call to 1800 425 4555 or 1800 266 4555. You can also Type <AC> and send to 56677. This customer service support is available 24*7.

You can also Checkout Nearest Voltas Dealer or Distributor in your area.

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