7th Pay Commission Online Calculator

In our previous article we have discussed about the 7th Pay Commission Report. If you want to get the 7th Pay Commission Report, the See this article 7th Pay Commission Report. After getting the report many central govt employees like you are also interested to calculate their salary after 7th Pay Commission. So here we have made a powerful 7th Pay Commission Online Calculator which will show you your New Basic Pay, New HRA, New TA, New DA and your Total Amount. You have to submit your present Basic Pay, TA and HRA Percentage to calculate your final amount after 7th Pay Commission.

7th Pay Commission Online Calculator

  • Recommended 2.5 factor pay increase in average
  • DA 5 %
  • HRA 8%, 16% ,24% as eligibility
  • TA increased factor 2.25
  • Cash handling allowance and SB allowance abolished
  1. Girish satapathy says

    Is the figures same for state govt employees

  2. Lokesh Murti says

    Awaiting retired employees calculator

  3. koustab jha says

    Would u like to calculate my pension? Now drawidrawing 14408. Basic pension 7770.PSE reply

  4. ASHISH BOSE says

    my pay in pb-18840,grate pay-4600 hra-4688,ta-1600 now what is may pay

    1. MD. AZIZUL ISLAM says

      Sir I am a contractual employee in central government.

  5. narendra pratap singh says

    I want to All rank pay band is not high difference and

  6. Abhimanyu behera says

    I required a onlie calculater

  7. Biplab Kumar Roy says

    My basic 11010 g/p 2800 whats my new pay .

  8. omkar swaroop says

    in 7th cpc how many day

  9. omkar swaroop says

    in 7th cpc leave policy forcapfplease inform

  10. m msaikia says

    I m happy

  11. shashi bhushan prasad says


  12. Chhabila Biraganthia says

    Not so good for employee

  13. Subrata Banerjee says

    Calculation procedure of Gross Pay as per 7 PC.

  14. chittagadanayak says

    my basic pay is 9300 and gp/2400 what is my new basic

  15. santoshkumar says

    I am a contractual employee in central government .present consolated pay 13500so kindle infrom me increase my salary in 7th pay


    my basic pay is 8770 + g p 2400…what is my new salary

  17. naseer ahmad bhat says

    what type of hra is this i m getting 20% now and what about other allowances

  18. D.chandra mohan says

    my basic pay-9810 Gp pay-2000 how much my payment

  19. prasannavs says


  20. prabir Ray says

    Looking for the best.i have no pension,only NPS member

  21. OMPAL SINGH says


  22. SISIR BEHURA says

    At present i am geting 8600 as basic pay what will be my salary in contracual rule?


    What about starting DA ?



  24. Yogesh Baluapuri says

    What about pensioners

  25. SV Jhala says

    What will be pension for PSU absorbee getting 1/3 restored pension + DA on actual basic pension?

  26. ratnesh chouksey says

    i am confuse. pls calculate basic pay 5680 +1900 +da 119% hra +5% which is my 7 pay

  27. sushant says

    What do ubmean by HrA percentage

    1. sushant gad says

      My basic is 11470,T A is 3134 n HRA is 20% what will be my salary

  28. rajveer says

    Govt cheated alll
    We already on 120% approx DA
    New pay commission will give a hike of just 10-20% depending on nature of job thereby meaning just 10% DA is increased in PAy commission fruad fraud fraud
    Public is blindfolded in Modi Modi
    Aftrmath of pay commisssion will b horrible

  29. Jai says

    This calculator is way off. Doesn’t take into account grade pay. Seventh Pay Commission has abolished grade pay fixed levels as per 6th CPC grade pay and the multiplication factor varies from 2.57 to 2.62 on Basic Pay + GP.

    An incorrect calculator!

  30. Godbole D.V says

    What would be the calculations for retired state Govt. employees, whose total pension is 25000 per month?

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