Baladev Jew Temple, Kendrapara

Baladev Jew Temple, KendraparaBaladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra), Kendrapara, Odisha. Baladev Jew Temple is a very famous temple of Odisha and Balarama is its main divinity. However, Jagannath and Subhadra are also worshiped in the Ratna Sinhasan in the main temple. An idol representing tulasi as a goddess in a seated position is also present after the sacred seven steps. Baladev Jew Temple is constructed over an area of 2 acres of land. There are 2 parts in the total area, in one part, different temples are there and another part is a beautiful garden. There is a big boundary around the temple, which is 14 meters high.

There are four main parts of Baladev Jew Temple are Sri Mandir, Natya Mandir, Bhoga Mandap and Mukhashala. The main temple height is 75 feet and width is 40 feet. The main temple has a 7 step construction and heavy baulamalia stone are used in this construction. There are other small temples inside the premise, where other Gods and Goddesses are worshipped. All the temples have a beautiful architecture and constructed in traditional way.

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  1. All are word spelling is wrong…so please correct it ….one thing kendrapara baladevjew is called (manibighraha) there as no nabakalebara


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