Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur
Chhatia Bata Temple front View
Chhatia Bata Temple (Click on the Image to Enlarge)
Chhatia Bata is one of the famous Hindu Temple of Odisha situated at “Chhatia” in Jajpur district of Odisha. The deity of this temple is Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra. The main attraction of this Temple is the “old Banyan tree” which is known as “Bata” in Odia Language. So the name of this temple is “Chhatia Bata” due to this old Banyan Tree which is present inside the temple boundary and beside the main temple of Chhatia Bata. It is the saint Mahapurusa Hadi Das Samadhi Pitha.
There is a very interesting story about this temple. According to “Malika” (A book written by Hadidas) states that “On a day when all Living animals and Human will die and fish will play at the steps of Puri temple”. In the regional Language of Odia it is written that “Jiba Jagata Hoieba Lina, Baishi Pahache Kheliba Mina”. Almost all the peoples of Odisha believe this story will be True in the feature. Because all the predictions of Hadidas in the Malika are come true. Such as the super cyclone on 1999 etc. It is believed that on the end of Yuga or when there is the level of “ANYAYA” will high then Lord Vishnu will take the AVATAR of “KALKI” with the 12feet Sword named “Nandaka” to kill the Unsocial People and bring the “SATYAYUGA”. And the journey will be started from here. So this temple is very much famous for this.
The boundaries of the Temple is really big as Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. The height of the Boundary wall of “Chhatia Bata Temple” is nearly 20 to 22 feet. There are many temples present inside the “Chhatia Bata Temple”, such as Maa Kali, Jama(God of Death), Ganesh, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra etc. One more interesting news about Chhatia Bata temple is the sitting arrangement of the Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. In Puri Jagannath Temple you might have seen the sitting arrangement of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. The arrangement is Jagannath, Subhadra and then Balabhadra. But here in Chhatia Temple the arrangement is Jagannath, Balabhadra and then Subhadra. There is also a interesting story behind this arrangement. When we speak,we say Jaganath, Balabhadra & Subhadra. Hence in this temple the sitting manner is as we speak, which means we should speak the same as we see. As the SATYA YUGA will start from this place this is the beginning of the Truth what we see.Really it is a very beautiful temple in Odisha. Every year thousand of People come here from different states. So itis also becoming one of the famous tourist Place in Odisha.You can also get the “AVADA BHOGA” as in Jagannath Temple Puri. Every year the Rathayatra Ceremony is also celebrated in this temple.

How to Reach Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur

On Road Way

Chhatia Bata Temple, Odisha
Chhatia Bata Temple Snap from High way
The distance from Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur from the Capital of Odisha “Bhubaneswar”is about 60 kms, From Cuttack it is about 28 Kms and from the District Head quarter of Jajpur it is about 55 kms. As this temple is situated on the side of National Highway so it is easy to communicate by any media, such as Bus, Car etc. The best way to reach Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur that first reach “Badambadi Bus Stand” of Cuttack and then Reach this temple via any Bus going to “Chandikhaole”. The Bus price from Badambadi Bus Stand to Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur is nearly Rs10 to 15 per Person.

On Railway
The nearest Railway Station of Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur is Jajpur Keonjhar Road Railway Station which is about 50 km from Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur.

On Air Way

The nearest Airport of Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur is Biju Pattnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar which is about 58kms from this temple. So Road way is one of the best and Economic way to reach Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur.

Contact Tourist Person

If you want to travel or want to see the Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur the Contact on the below mobile number for more information.

Mr Bijaya Kumar Mohanty (Tourist Officer)
Mobile : 9437441204

Other Attractions near Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur

The other tourist attractions near Chhatia Bata Temple of Jajpur are

  • Mahabinayak Temple of Jajpur (about 18 kms)
  • Ratnagiru (about 35 kms)
  • Udayagiri (about 30 Kms)
  • Chandi Mandira  (about 18 kms)

Best Time to Travel : From October to June


  1. Actually Mahapurusha Hadi Das’S (1772-75 AD TO 1835 AD) SAMADHI,on which Lord Balabhadra’s idol with full legs and hands has been constructed,situated near the Bata (banyan tree)in Chhatia,is the main temple of Chhatia Bata, which is also known as “ANANTA GOPALA MANDIRA” & “Bada Deula” among local people and deevotees of Hadi Das. Ref.Book-Odisara Dharma o Sahitya Ku Hadi Dsa nka Dana.By-Dr. Ratnakara Sahoo.


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