Bhubaneswar:  In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc in the state Odisha government brought an ordnance today according to which violators of this regulation will be fined Rs. 200 for not wearing masks in public. If they will be caught flouting the regulation for the second and third time they will have to pay fine of the same Rs.200. However, the penalty will go up to Rs 500 for subsequent offence, said chief secretary Asit Tripathy.

With the rise in the number of COVID-19 positive cases, the Odisha government has made not wearing a mask in public an offence and decided to impose fines on offenders from Thursday.

The government has decided to impose fines on people for not wearing mask while stepping out of their houses.

The Health department has framed certain regulations in this regard amending the Odisha COVID-19 Regulations 2020.

The general public is directed to cover their mouths and noses with any available form of mask while stepping out of the house for any purpose.

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