Cuttack psycho killer enjoyed executing the crimes: Commissionerate Police

Cuttack: The denizens in the Millennium City of Cuttack finally heaved a sigh of relief with the arrest of the suspected psycho killer by the Commissionerate Police today.

The suspected serial killer, identified as Narayan Sahu, was arrested from Nayagarh district. He hails from Odagaon in Nayagarh, Twin City Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty said.

According to the police, the accused had fled from Cuttack after brutally killing three persons. The police identified him on the basis of CCTV camera footage and forensic reports.

Notably, the accused went on a killing spree in the Silver City, sending shockwaves across the state. While the residents in the city were spending sleepless nights fearing attack by the assailant, the police were on their toes to nab him.

The police had formed five special teams and carried out extensive search operations in the city and across the state to nab the accused. The police said that the accused was earlier involved in murder cases in Ganjam and Nayagarh.

Giving further details, the police said the accused used similar weapon in all three cases took place in Ranihat, Chauliaganj and New Cardiology area in the city.

The police discussed in details with the Head of the Dept, FMT, SCB, MCH about the nature of injuries, mode of execution and type of weapon used in all three cases.

In all the three cases, the injuries are of similar natures – trachea cutting, multiple side cuts, one single fatal blow with some mild blows. All are caused by a sharp cutting weapon with one deep cut injury, the police said.

In Ranihat and Chauliaganj cases, vessels were cut leading to instant death. In New Cardiology case, vessels were not cut and there were defensive injuries that’s why he could come alive for brief treatment, the police added.

“The weapon of offense is moderately heavy and, execution is the same. In all cases, the victims were asleep flat. Injuries indicate no attack in standing position. Fatal blow injury causing death is a little wider. Hence the presumption of using an axe with elbow-length wood handle is more possible, the police further stated.

“The injuries speak that the obsessed killer was enjoying while executing the offence,” the police added.

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