derjangThe Derjang irrigation project, a reservoir scheme and the first medium irrigation project after Indias independence was started in the year 1960 and completed during the year 1977-78. This project was constructed across river Ningara and Matalia near village Majhikia in Angul block. The project has been providing irrigation water to an area of 7922 Hac. in khariff and 200 Hac. in Rabi. This place is a good picnic sport. It is only 7 kms from Angul town. It is an ideal site group picnic and relaxation.

How to Reach Derjang

The distance of Derjang from Angul is 7 Kms. One can reach Angul either by bus or train.There is regular bus service from Angul to Derjang.

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