Devkund or Deokund is one of the best creature of Nature, you can also call it as the home of natural beauty. The word “Devkund” is known as the bathtub of Gods and Goddesses. The waterfall “Devkund” is about 50kms far from Baripada and about 85kms from Balasore Town. As it is one of the best waterfall in Odisha, so this place comes under one of the famous tourist place in Odisha. This place is mainly the heaven for those who loves the Nature and its beauty. Really after coming to this place any one can say only one thing “Incredible  Odisha”.


This Place is situated near Udala and Khunta which is about 50 kms from Baripada Town of Mayurbhanj District. The diameter of this Kunda or Tank is about 600 feet and the height of waterfall is about 100 feet. The water of this waterfall is very clean and looks like as pure as glass. you can see a object which is 15feet deeper in the water tank. There is also four more tanks are present, which are Devikund, Tailakund, Haridrakund, Bhudarkund. So this place is famous as “Pancha Sagar Tirtha“. Really this place is one of the best place in Odisha.


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