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I am managing New Odisha. I know this is not a related content to Odisha but many Odia Web developers, content writers and website managers can get useful information from this post.
I have posted some articles in New Odisha but from some days I was not seeing any eye catching traffic and earning from Google Adsense. On 7th June 2012 evening, I got news from the television that Diploma Entrance Test 2012 Result of Odisha is going to announce on 8th June 2012 at 4.30 P.M. At that time I just posted the same as Diploma Entrance Test 2012 Result in Odisha.
After that I shared the URL in Facebook and G+. Also I submitted the links to Google Webmaster tool for fast indexing. On that day Google indexed my content. You may not believe that how much traffic I got on 8th June 2012 ! On 4.30 P.M. of 8th June I got more than 5000 visits and on that day I got more than 7000 visits and all were unique. I know it was for a little time but by this way, my website was familiarized by the visitors. TIll now I am getting more than 1000 visits from the one post.
In this period my Adsense got a large boost from the one post. Generally I was getting less than 1$ per day from New Odisha. Most of the revenue I was getting from Odisha Jobs. But that day I got 8437 ad views with 78 clicks which take my earning to 3.79$ only from New Odisha only.
All this happened due to the Right work at the Right time. If all website content writers get this point then in less efforts they can earn more. All you have to catch the time and post your content according to the time. So never let any information away from your eye. If you think such content is useful for your site then just post it and share it cause I got more than 500 visits from my Facebook sharing only.
So in this way you can get maximum earning from a single post.
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