Italy: The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in Italy rose to 11,591, while the total number of infections surged past 100,000.

A new daily total of 812 deaths was a slight decrease on Sunday’s record of 838, bringing the overall number of fatalities to 7,340.

Experts say it’s down to a combination of factors, like the country’s large elderly population which is more susceptible to the virus, and the method of testing that’s not giving the full picture about infections.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump extended federal guidelines on social distancing until April 30 after a top health official warned between 100,000 to 200,000 people could die from coronavirus in the United States.

Worldwide, the total number of infections recorded since the beginning of the outbreak reached more than 775,000. Some 160,000 people have recovered globally while nearly 37,000 have died.

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