Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi was established on March 28 of 1983. This famous and attractive temple is located near Kadhel village in the bay of Utei Canal which is located to 8 k.m. west of M. Rampur of Kalahandi District. This temple is situated in an attractive place which includes the natural waterfalls of Talijo, the snake design flow of Utei Canal and the musical sound of Wild animals & birds. The former name was Jay Jagannath Ashram but now it is famous as Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi.

Origin of Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi

Bishnu Mohan Das of KarundaThe origin of Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi is very different cause this temple is only and only possible due to the dedication of two peoples named as Bishnu Mohan Dash and his wife Bhargabi Dash. This temple is built without any govt aid. Now this temple is functioning by a little funds of Mr Dash and the local people.

Sri Bishnu Mohan Dash was born on June 4th of 1943 in Genguti Village of Balasore district. He has completed his college education from Fakir Mohan College. Once he has come Kalahandi for visiting but from that time he is staying in this beautiful district. After some year, he has married Bhargabi Dash who was a teacher. After this Mr & Mrs Dash were teaching in various High Schools of Kalahandi without any remuneration. After that, this couple decided to build an Ashram and they left their jobs.

First they built a small Ashram in a hut. They worshiped three different  mounts as Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Lord Subhadra. To build the temple, this couple begged rice from the nearest 288 villages. The temple was built with the funds of good people. For completion it took 14 years means from 1990 to 2004.

Rathayatra in Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi

Karunda Sri Kshetra

Rathayatra (Car Festival) is being celebrated in Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi from 1985. One Schedule Trible person from Kadhel village does the swiping works on the Cars (Rathas). In this place, only ladies pull the Rath of Lord Subhadra. But, a very sad thing is now the three Raths are in very worst condition. For this in 2013 there was no Car Pulling in this place. To see this Rathayatra, peoples come from various locations such as Kandhamal, Subarnapur, Bodh and Nuapada. The wealth of Ashram consists with 12 Acre agriculture land and 18 acre non agriculture field.

How Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra Looks ?

879764765_b05a580628_zThe goodwill of Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi has spread all over Odisha.  This temple was built by 6 slabs. First floor is known as “Nama Mandap”.  You can see Lord Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra in second floor. In third floor, there is a 6 ft statue of Lord Balabhadra. In forth floor there is a statue of Maha Jogeswar of Lord Balabhadra. You can see the “Kalki Abatar” of Lord Balabhadra in the fifth floor.

This temple is the symbol of devotion, dedication and hard work of Mr Bishnu Mohan Dash and his wife. If you ever come to Kalahandi then never forget to visit Kadhel Karunda Sri Kshetra of Kalahandi.

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