As like the past years Khannagar Durga Puja Committee is well known for its architectural works of the Durga Puja Gate or Pandals. This year in 2012 it is also going to carry its same thing. This year it is going to design a beautiful and very innovative Gate for its Puja and however many people think that for this design Khannagar Puja Committee is going to be the best Puja committee in Cuttack.

Gate Design of Khannagar Durga Puja 2012

This Year Khannagar Durga Puja Committee has selected the “Mysore Palace” or the welcome arch replicating the Mysore palace for the design of its gate or pandals. The committee has spent about 4 lakh rupees for the design of the Puja gate. This gate is made with Plywood and Clothes. One of the committee member of Khannagar Durga Puja Committee Mr. Prafulla Sahoo said that “It is customary in our city to have a specially-created welcome arch for the worship of Durga. Every year, hordes of devotees pour in to catch the glimpse of our pandal“.

Name of the Puja Committee
Khannagar Durga Puja Committee
Gate DesignWelcome Arch Replicating the Mysore Palace
Expenditure on GateAbout 4 lakhs



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