Khirachora Gopinatha Temple

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple is one of the famous temple in Odisha. It is situated at about 9kms from Balasore. The name of the place is Remuna. The name “Remuna” is from the word “Ramaniya” which means very good-looking. “Khirachora” in Oriya means Stealer of Milk and Gopinatha means the Divine Consort of Gopis. The reference is to child Krishna’s love for milk and milk products. So the name of this temple is Khirachora Gopinatha Temple.

History of Khirachora Gopinatha Temple

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple
Khirachora Gopinatha Temple

Over 500 years ago Madhavendra Puri was going to Puri to get some sandalwood for his Sri Gopal deity in Vrindavana. When he stopped at Remuna and saw Sri Gopinath, his heart was filled with devotion and joy. When he saw the delicious khira (stuffed milk) offered to the deity, he desired to taste some so he could offer the same preparation to Sri Gopala. Madhavendra Puri would only accept food that was spontaneously offered to him, and he seldom asked anything. Because he was not offered any of the khira he left the temple without tasting it. After finishing the worship to Gopinath the Pujari rested. In a dream Gopinath told him to get up and take the pot of khira that he had hidden under his garments and to give it to Madhavendra Puri. The Pujari got up, found the sweet, and brought it to Madhavendra Puri. The Pujari told him For you Sri Gopinath has stolen khira. There is no other fortunate man like you. This is how the deity got the name “Khira Chora Gopinatha”. ‘Khira’ means milk, and ‘Chora’ means thief.

Tourism at Khirachora Gopinatha Temple

Madan Mohan Deity
Madan Mohan Deity

Pilgrims from all over India visit all around the year. Local residents visit on every occasion and festivals. Western ISKCON devotees often visit the temple. The Founder Acharya of ISKCON A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada established an ISKCON Center in Toronto, Canada, and named it “New Remuna Dham” – the presiding deity in temple is named Sri Radha Kshira Chora Gopinatha.

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