KhichingThe temple of Kichakeswari at Khiching, built entirely of chlorite slabs is unique of its kind in India. A plethora of other temples also dominate the place some of which are still in active worship. The small museum situated here boasts of highly important historical specimens of sculpture and art. It is the temple of Goddess Chamunda which is situated at a distance of 150 kms from Baripada. This temple is famous for its fineworks on the stone walls of the temple. Monolitheic pillars of Chaulakunj, exacaved size of Biratgarh and the museum are the visiting places.

Khiching is a city in the State of Odisha. The closest tourism destination to Khiching is Keonjhar. Other close by tourism destinations include Simlipal, Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary and Chaibasa. The nearest major railway station to Khiching is Puri (PURI) which is at a distance of 24.6 kilometres. The nearest airport is at Bhubaneshwar which is at a distance of 188 kilometres. Lying at an elevation of 1076 m, which makes it a high-altitude city. Khiching is an important heritage site and there are a few historical monuments that can be seen here as well. Khiching is a corruption of the name Khijjinga. There is a small village that is located here and one can see many ruins of the old Bhaja Kingdom. The town was strategically located and it has witnessed different influences. . The ruins of the old city are worth exploring and there are a few temples that are still located here as well. The temples were built and dedicated to Chrandesekhar, Kichakeshwari and Kutaintundi. There are several stupas that are situated in and around the placel. One can also see many sculptures in the region. The temple of Kichakeshwari has many carvings and exquisite sculptures on the outer walls.

One can also see a few palaces that are located in the area. The Viratgarh Palace is the main attraction and this used to be the residence of the Bhaja Kings. There are a set of pillars that are present near the Khiching Temple as well. These pillars are in a bad state and require some repair work.


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