Langudi Hill

Langudi HillThe Langudi Buddhsit sites are situated in and around the Langudi hills in the Jajpur district of Orissa is considered as one of the most important Buddhist sites of Odisha, the state which marked a new Buddhist era by changing the imperialistic Ashoka into the patron of Buddhism. The Buddhist sites excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India in the 20th-21st century, reflects the golden days of Buddhism in India through the remains of Buddhist monasteries, the Buddha’s images and several stupas, found in and around Langudi.

Langudi hill is one of the Budhist monuments of Jajpur. The hill is located on the bank of river Kelua. The inscriptions on the stones are unique in nature and rarest both in Northeastern part of India and the world.The accommodation facility can be availed at Jajpur Road by hiring Hotels and Lodges. For financial purpose, the nearest bank located to this tourist place is S.B.I Jarka. The common languages spoken in the area are Odia, Hindi and English. PHC Dharmasala is nearer to the spot for accessing medical facilities. People wear light cotton in summer and woolen in winter.

Langudi is a lower hilly region running from north to south in the plains of the Mahanadi delta in Jajpur district and situated at a distance of 90 kilometers from Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa. Langudi is one of those few places in Orissa, which established a mark in the history of Buddhism in the ancient and medieval era. A home to rock-cut Buddhist stupas and numerous early medieval Buddhist shrines, Langudi has a well preserved place in all the major sects of Buddhism – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana or Tantrayana.

Main Attractions of Langudi Hill

  • Rock-cut Stupas : The rock cut stupas, 34 in number, which were excavated from the northern side of the Langudi hill, are unique examples of the early Buddhist art in India comprising a colossal circular drum, a cylindrical dome and a rectangular ‘harmika’.
  • Buddha’s Sculpture : The sculpture of the Buddha in the ‘samadhi mudra’, where He has been depicted in various postures with half smile on His face, is one of the rarest rock cut images of the Buddha, dating back to the 7th century CE.
  • Langudi Hill : Langudi hill, which is situated nearby ancient Dantpura – the capital of Kalinga, is a unique collection of Buddhist remains such as monasteries, meditation centres and caves.
  • The sculptures of Goddesses : The rock cut images of different female deities such as Tara with two arms, a round face with a serene look mild smile and ornaments on the body, and the image of a Mahayana deity, Prajnaparamita with lotus in one hand clearly indicates the importance of female cult in ancient and early medieval period.

How to Reach Langudi Hill

To reach Langudi, one can take up a flight to Bhubaneshwar, 90 kilometers away. From Bhubaneshwar, either road or rail route can be taken to reach the destination. The nearest railway station to Langudi is at Kesinga, at a distance of 35 kilometers, which lies on the south eastern rail head. As far as road route is concerned, Langudi can be reached either directly from Bhubaneshwar(90 km) and Cuttack(92 km) or from Jaraka and Chandikhol, the nearest towns from Langudi on the National Highway No. 5.

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