Lingaraj Temple is one of the famous Hindu temple in Odisha. The main deity of this temple is “Harihar” whose common name is “Lord Shiva”. The Lingaraj Temple is one of the most oldest temple of Odisha. This Temple is located at Bhubaneswar which is the capital of Odisha. The main attraction of this temple is the height of the temple. The height of Lingaraj Temple is about 54.8 meters. The idol of Lord Shiva which is present inside this temple also large one which is made up of Granite. The height of the idol of Lord Shiva is about 8 feet. The idol of Lord Shiva is placed on a platform which is about 8inch high from the ground level. The idol of Lord Shiva is bathed with milk, Bhang and Water everyday. There are about 150 small temples or Shrines are present inside the huge courtyard. The main gate of this Lingaraj Temple having the structure of Lord Shiva’s Trishul on one side and the Sudarsan Chakra of Lord Vishnu on the other side of this temple. Really this is one of the best Hindu temple of Odisha and also a very good tourist spot in Odisha.

Lingaraj Temple

History of Lingaraj Temple of Odisha

Actually the meaning of “Lingaraj” is the “King of Lingam” means Lord Shiva who is known as “Tribhuvaneshwara” means the king of the three worlds (Earth, Heaven and netherworld). The  Lingaraj Temple of Odisha is also 1100 years old. Many historians tell that when the Lingaraj Temple of Odisha was completed at that time the construction Lord Jagannath Temple was processing. The Lingaraj Temple of Odisha was built by King Jajati Keshari who was the king of Somavanshi in 11th century AD. At that time the King Jajati Keshari shifted his capital from Jajpur to Bhubaneswar. At that time Bhubaneswar was known as “Ekamra Kshetra”.

Map for How to Reach Lingaraj Temple of Odisha

Lingaraj Temple Route Map

Lingaraj Temple Photo Gallery

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