Maa Anlai Temple is one of the famous temple of Odisha which is situated at Uilkisan Nagar of Khordha, Odisha. This area is also wel known for “Paika Akhada”. Every Year many Paikas are coming to this temple to show their different Arts and Tricks. So every year many people come to this temple to observe this thing and also see the instruments which were used in wars before, such as Sword (Khanda), Talwar and many more. This Maa Anlai Temple temple is located at 2 kms from Khordha Town. After than you will reach the “Nua Gan”. The English has named this village as “Uilkisan”. So this village is well known as “Uilkisan” village. This temple is situated at 500 meter from this village.

There are three deities are present in this Anlai Temple. Anlai, Kamalai and Bimalai. All the three deities are facing to East direction as they are “Baishnabi”. In the year 1939 one saint has come to this place and he saw this three deities there. He saw the three deities and he found there was written Debanagari language. He studied that and knew that this is the deiti for Sakti. So he named her “Anlai”. After that some people who were worked in Kolkata has made this temple.

After that this place became one of the popular place in Odisha. “Pana Sankranti Festival” is one of the famous festival in this temple.

Other Places to Visit Near Maa Anlai Temple

  • Duari Thakurani
  • Panasjhhara Prakalpa
  • Maa Narayani Temple
  • Kajalaganda Bridge

How to Reach Maa Anlai Temple of Khordha

You can reach Maa Anlai Temple by Bus or Train. First you have to go Khordha by any Bus or Train and from there you can reach this temple by any Taxi or Auto. This temple is just 3 kms away from Khordha Town.



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