Read online or Download Madhyamika Beejaganita (MTA) Mathematics Text Book of Class -9, published and prepared by Board of Secondary Education, Odisha.  This book also prescribed for all Secondary High Schools in Odisha by BSE (Board of Secondary Education).

Madhyamika Beejaganita (MTA) Text Book Details

  • Name: Madhyamika Beejaganita (MTA)
  • Class: 9th (Nabama)
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Pages: 170 (Including Cover/Back Page Designs)
  • Prepared By: Board of Secondary Education, Odisha
  • Published By:  Board of Secondary Education, Odisha
  • Prescribed By:  Board of Secondary Education, Odisha
  • PDF Source: BSE ODISHA
  • PDF Size: 50 MB (True-PDF)
  • PDF Resolution: 300 dpi

Read This Book Online

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This e-book uploaded here for Teachers/Students of Odisha who somehow prefers our website. This e-book is uploaded to this website for Information, Research and Educational purpose only. We have placed this book here for public use in “good faith” in the “interest of Education and culture”. However, if the publisher (BSE, Odisha) of “THIS BOOK” feels that we are encroaching upon their rights we will remove this offending material(s) if contacted through our official email ID on : [email protected].

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