Ollywood or the Odia film industry is regionally famous for producing some good movies. But as they say, Indian genre films cannot do without some good and peppy music. Similarly, Ollywood looks out for some good Odia songs which would add the perfect spice to the movies. The major attention is indeed drawn by the songs of the film. Keeping the same in mind, Odia music industry focuses on producing lively and mesmerizing Odia songs which are a true delight to the ears. Although Odia songs are not very famous in other industries, they sure are popular in the region. There are many hit Odia songs that have won the hearts of people in the region. Some of the latest Odia songs which created a great hype are Asimanka Chulbuli Mana, Tu Malam Naa Sazaa, Aatma, Nilamani, Prema Re Sauda Kalu, Toh Bina, Baji Baji Babaji, Mitha Mitha, Tu Mo Hero, Kabula Barabula Searching Laila, Mu Khanti Odia Jhia, Shakti- The Lion Heart, Gunda and the list goes on. These songs received immense love and praise from the audience as well as the Odia music industry. Get all the latest Odia Music Songs, Odia Tracks, Odia Songs here

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