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Papadahandi of Nabarangpur


PapadahandiPapadahandi is situated about 12 Kms away from Nabarangpur. This Place is famous for Shaiva shrine and historic antiquity Sahid Stamba. Large number of devotee visits this tourist place on the day of Sivaratri, Kartika Punima and Srabana Purnima. So on those day this place become more crowd. If you want to see tis place then folow the below instruction to know how to reach Papadahandi of Nabarangpur.

Howto Reach Papadahandi of Nabarangpur

Papadahandi is 12 Kms away from Nabarangpur. One can reach Papadahandi by hiring taxis from Nabarangpur. Regular bus services are available to Nabarangpur from major cities of Odisha.

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