Saptamatruka Deity Saptamatruka Temple is dedicated to Hindu Tantric and Puranic goddesses Saptamatrikas namely, Brahmani, Vaishnavi,Shivaduti or Indrani,Narasimhi, Chamunda,Kaumari and Varahi. Legend says that these goddess emanated from the body of devi Durga while killing Nishumbha and Shumbha.The matrikas represent the inner will power of their respective male God. The temple was on a state of danger and later renovated by ASI,India.The deities were installed during Ashwamedha sacrifice of Yajati Keshari for protection. The design of the idols dates back to 11th Century AD.During the rule of Kala Chand in Murshidabad their armies came to destroy the Hindu temples in around Jajpur,then the Brahmins have hidden the images of Saptamatrikas in a tunnel near Baitarani River. Later the images were recovered and worshipped by Utkala Brahmins of Jajpur. The temple of seven goddessess which is known as Saptamatruka is on the Dasaswamedha Ghat. The seven Goddesses worshipped here are Chamunda, Barahi, Indrani, Vaisnavi, Brahmi, Kaimari, Maheswari and Narasingh. Saptamatruka TempleThe place is considered as a famous Shaktipitha of the State.The accommodation facility can be availed at Jajpur Road and Jajpur town by hiring Hotels and Lodges. For financial purpose, the nearest banks located to this tourist place are S.B.I Jajpur and a few nationalized banks. The common languages spoken in the area are Odia, Hindi and English. District head Quarter hospital, Jajpur is nearer to the spot for accessing medical facilities. People wear light cotton in summer and woolen in winter.

The renovated temple of Saptamatrikas lie on the south bank of Baitarani River in Jajpur.The Budha Ganesha Temple and Dashaswamedha Ghat are also adjacent to this shrine.People take a holy dip in Chaitra month during the Krishna paksha Chaturdasi with Shatabhisha nakshatra here.Regularly the goddesses are said to be attendants of goddess Viraja and protecting inhabitants of Jajpur.


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