Cuttack: The archaeological survey team of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach) has claimed that they have discovered an ancient submerged temple in the Mahanadi upstream from Cuttack.

The top of the submerged temple was discovered in the mid-river near Baideswar in the Padmavati area near Cuttack.

It is believed that the 60 ft submerged temple dates back to late 15th or early 16th century, considering the construction style of the pinnacle and the materials used for the construction.

As reports say, the region where the temple has been found used to be regarded as “Satapatana”. The temple was dedicated to Lord Gopinath Dev. With the river changing its course due to catastrophic flooding, its flow changed and the entire village was eroded by the river.

It has also been learnt that in the mid-19th Century, the deities of the said temple were shifted to another place which is presently the Gopinath Dev temple of Padmavati village.


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